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Apr 7, 2018
Warframe has some major content releases coming up that will introduce a new faction, open-world environments, and spaceship combat.

The Warframe Switch edition isn’t the only major news to emerge from Digital Extremes this week. As detailed in a report from Polygon, the popular free-to-play game will soon debut two new expansions while introducing gameplay features like surface-to-space combat.

The first expansion is called Fortuna, and takes place on an open-world Venus. It will introduce a new faction – Solaris United – which consists of cyborgs from the Fortuna interment colony. A new teaser trailer shows off the setting, along with some of the enemies players will face.

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Meanwhile, Digital Extremes has a second expansion planned that will introduce space combat called Codename: Railjack. Players will be able to enlist crews, manage battlestations, and engage in ship-based missions that range from dogfights to boarding operations. While Railjack is still in development, Digital Extremes did provide a first-look preview for TennoCon audiences.

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