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Apr 7, 2018
Twitch Prime members can look forward to a free game every day in the run-up to Amazon Prime Day.

To kick off the festivities in the in the lead up to Amazon Prime Day, Twitch Prime members are being offered a free game every day up until July 18. What’s more, they’re yours to keep forever.

The selection of games on offer will change over the next two weeks, with the odd bundle thrown in or good measure.

Twitch Prime memberships come with Amazon Prime memberships, which you can sign up for in the US and the UK right here.

You can check out the list of titles and when they’re available below:
  • 2-4 July — Pillars of Eternity
  • 3-9 July — Q.U.B.E. 2
  • 3 July – 2 August — SNK Bundle featuring Metal Slug 3, The Last Blade, and Twinkle Star Sprites
  • 4-10 July — Battle Chef Brigade
  • 5-11 July — Manual Samuel
  • 6-12 July — GoNNER
  • 7-13 July — Next Up Hero
  • 8-14 July — Uurnong Uurnlimited
  • 9-15 July — Hue
  • 10-16 July — Deponia Doomsday
  • 11-17 July — Observer
  • 12-18 July — Tacoma
  • 13-26 July — The Bridge
  • 14-27 July — Brutal Legend
  • 15-21 July — The Red Strings Club
  • 16-17 July — Tyranny
  • 17-31 July — Broken Age
  • 18-31 July — FRAMED Collection
  • 18-31 July — Serial Cleaner
If you’re not the type to snap up a free game when it’s on offer before you’ve had a chance to check it out, Twitch has enlisted a bunch of streamers to showcase some of the titles.

You can check out the streaming schedule and read up on more about the games that are available over on the Twitch blog.

Major Tom
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Major Tom

Apr 1, 2018

Twitch Prime members will get to help themselves to another free offering of games. Twitch has announced next month’s lineup, and while it isn’t as massive as July’s Amazon Prime celebration slate, there are still some unexpected gems in the next batch.

Leading off the list for August is Jotun: Valhalla Edition, a top-down puzzle brawler about a Norse warrior named Thora who must prove her worthiness to the gods before they’ll allow her entry into Valhalla. It’s a beautiful, hand-drawn game that features fights against truly massive foes.

Then there’s Steamworld Dig, a charming Metroidvania-style platformer where you play a robot prospector named Rusty, digging deeper and deeper into the planet’s surface, looking for treasure and scrap to use to upgrade your gear.

Prime users will also be getting the Wizardry bundle, which includes the RPG classics Wizardry 6, Wizardry 7, and Wizardry 8. These are older games but they hold up fairly well, and they’re absolute classics of the role-playing genre.

Death Squared is a quirky little cooperative puzzle game about moving cute, colorful robots toward a goal. The environments get increasingly complex, and it’s a perfect title for couch co-op.

Finally, there’s Antihero, a digital board game that has players strategically running a thieves’ guild in Victorian London. As the name suggests, it’s about using the dirtiest tricks at your disposal in order to scrap your way to the top of London’s seedy underbelly.

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