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Tom Clancy's The Division 2 (Ubisoft) (1 Viewer)

Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC
Single-player; Multi-player
Action, Role-Playing, Shooter
Release Date
Mar 15, 2019
Massive Entertainment
ESRB Rating
PEGI Rating
Suitable only for persons 18 and older.
Major Tom

Major Tom

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The Division 2 developer Massive is making it easier to hunt for specific weapons and gear.

The Division 2‘s loot game, as with most games with tiered loot, relies on RNG. You don’t know what you’re going to get most of the time. Though there are some exceptions to that, it’s generally rare that a game allows players to more efficiently farm for the items they want.

The Division 2’s title update 6, which introduces the second DLC story episode, will arrive at some point in October. Before then, however, PC players can test out some of its biggest changes right now on the PTS.

Among several major additions is what Massive is calling loot targeting. When the update hits, the game’s map overview will be updated to indicate what each named zone and mission drops. While this doesn’t guarantee that the item you want is going to drop, it removes a significant portion of the randomness in acquiring loot.

This not only covers the usual weapon types and gear pieces, it also extends to mods and even specific brand items.

A mission with targeted loot will drop regular loot as well as targeted drops. Targeted items are guaranteed drops from named bosses, and can be found in lootable caches, though at a smaller rate.

A zone with with targeted loot, on the other hand, will always drop the indicated loot, but only through activity completions (control points etc.) and named NPCs. Likewise, various loot boxes scattered around these areas have a chance to drop targeted loot. The same also goes for the Dark Zones, though that loot will obviously need to be extracted first.

Targeted loot is only available to players in World Tier 5, and the earned loot will scale with your gear score just like most drops in The Division 2. As a bonus, targeted loot will be highlighted in the loot pile to stand out a bit from regular loot.

To get involved, download the PTS through Uplay and try it for yourself. For a full round-up of all changes in title update 6, check out the Ubisoft forums.
Major Tom

Major Tom

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Ubisoft’s post-launch support for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 has been laid out into three episodes. Episode 1 came out back in July, and next week Episode 2 – Pentagon: The Last Castle will arrive. Not only does Episode 2 feature a lot of new content for players to sink their teeth into, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2’s title update 6 that will come out alongside it will also bring a lot of changes.

The biggest draws of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Episode 2 – Pentagon: The Last Castle are the two new main missions, the Technician specialization, and two more classified assignments for Year 1 Pass owners. The two main missions task players with recovering a bioreactor from the Pentagon that can be used to replicate antiviral samples. That being said, Black Tusk has made itself at home in the Pentagon, so players will have to face off with that organization while recovering the bioreactor.

As for the new specialization, the Technician has a multi-missile launcher, the P-017 Launcher, as a signature weapon as well as a Maxim 9 sidearm. They also have access to EMP grenades and their skill variant is the Artificer Hive. If you’ve been getting bored with your character’s current specialization in recent weeks, the Technician semes like an explosive, fun addition. The two classified assignments for Year 1 pass holders will have players sieging a weapons cache at a Boathouse on the Potomac River and saving a helicopter pilot who crashed into the Mexican embassy.

A new Team Elimination PvP mode is also on its way and has two teams of four face fighting to completely wipe out the other team in a best of seven competition. A new mode called The Wharf has been added as well and it is compatible with all PvP modes. It is clear that this is quite a heavy update, and I haven’t even mentioned all of the bug fixes that players can expect.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Episode 2 – Pentagon: The Last Castle will be available to all players on October 22, though Year 1 Pass holders will gain access early on October 15.

Here are the details, via Ubisoft:
The latest episode in The Division 2‘s Year 1 free content plan features escalation in Washington D.C. for Division Agents, as Black Tusk Forces continue to wreak havoc around the city. In episode 2, players must fight to solve the ongoing outbreak crisis. It will be up to Agents to uncover the secrets insight the Pentagon before it falls into the hands of The Black Tusk.

Content featured in “Episode 2 – Pentagon: The Last Castle” includes:

Two New Main Missions
At the beginning of Episode 2, players will investigate a transmission from a fellow Agent scouting the Pentagon for the perfusion bioreactor. Securing the bioreactor would allow Agents to replicate the antiviral samples recovered at Tidal Basin. Agents must navigate flood damage and Black Tusk forces to take back The Last Castle. After securing their safe house, players will be able to access the two replayable main missions of Episode 2.
  • First Main Mission – Pentagon: Agents will discover the location of the perfusion bioreactor inside the Pentagon’s underground research facility. The Black Tusk have already infiltrated the lab and are attempting to extract the reactor.
  • Second Main Mission – DARPA Research Labs: Players must make their way through the Pentagon and into the DARPA Labs, as the Black Tusk are in the process of transporting the perfusion bioreactor through an abandoned Cold War tunnel network.
New “Technician” Specialization
Effective October 15, Year 1 pass holders and UPLAY+ subscribers will instantly unlock the Technician Specialization. Players who do not own the Year 1 pass can unlock the specialization by completing a series of objectives. Additional rewards, including a signature weapon skin, are also available once the specialization is unlocked. The latest specialization includes:
  • Signature Weapon: P-017 Launcher – a multi-missile launcher. Agents can lock-on and hit up to six enemies (depending on available ammo). With a simple push of a button, six missiles are unleashed to seek out their targets.
  • Sidearm: Maxim 9
  • Skill Variant: Artificer Hive
  • Grenade Mod: EMP Grenade
Classified Assignments (exclusive to Year 1 Pass holders and UPLAY+ subscribers)
Agents can take on two new Classified Assignments at a Boathouse and Embassy.
  • Marina: Outcasts have been moving weapons and supplies into a boathouse on the Potomac River, which was used as a transport depot during the outbreak to move assets to the Potomac Center and Roosevelt Island. Agents must investigate and seize all the weapons they can find.
  • Embassy: A Joint Task Force helicopter filled with supplies was shot down by the Outcasts and crashed through the roof of the Mexican Embassy in Washington D.C. Agents will be tasked to locate the helicopter, rescue the pilot and secure the supplies before the Outcasts get there.
The latest title update also brings an unprecedented number of fixes and improvements, as well as a brand new PvP mode.

Major Fixes and Improvements
Players will see significant game improvements in The Division 2 effective October 15. These improvements were developed thanks to community feedback on game forums and following last month’s Elite Task Force workshop, during which community members visited Ubisoft Massive studio in Malmo, Sweden to share thoughts and ideas about the game. Fixes and improvements include:
  • Targeted Loot
  • Named Items overhauled
  • Crafting Changes
  • Recalibration Changes
  • Filled Brands
  • Inventory Management 2.0
  • Increased stash space
  • Rebalance of talents and weapons
  • Dark Zone Server Transfers
  • Updated Thieves’ Den Vendor
  • Dark Zone Supply Drops Changes
  • Occupied Dark Zone Ambushes
  • Normalization in Dark Zone changes
  • Conflict: Loadout Selection during map voting
  • Bonus armor visualization increased
  • Conflict: End of Match Rewards changes
  • Stored tutorials
As part of Ubisoft’s commitment to the overall fixes and improvements to the game, The Division 2’s second raid will be delayed. The additional time allows the development team to focus on the overall quality of The Division 2, while developing a raid that will better meet the standards of its players. For more information read today’s letter to players from The Division 2 development team.


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The newest DLC episode for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2is now live for Year 1 Pass holders. Episode 2 is titled “Pentagon: The Last Castle” and sees the Division’s Agents fighting to recover a cure for the Green Poison Virus. That means venturing into the remains of DARPA and battling the Black Tusk.

Along with new areas and story missions, Title Update 6 will also be going live. It introduces Targeted Loot, which increases the drop chances for certain weapon types and gear pieces in certain regions, thus enabling for more focused farming. Stash space is also being increased to 300 slots while new items and Brand Gear are being introduced.



Staff member
So I've returned to this to check out update 6. Some decent changes.

I've been trying to farm the pestilence in the Dark Zone and it's so bloody frustrating. I've had it twice only to have a rogue group pinch it.

My build is more PVE so I'm very unsuited to my combatants.

I love this game and the idea of the Dark Zone but it's so frustrating to play!

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