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Title: The Singles 1992-2003
Artist: No Doubt
Genre: Pop
Released: 2003

1 - Just a Girl - 3:26
2 - It's My Life - 3:46
3 - Hey Baby - 3:26
4 - Bathwater - 4:00
5 - Sunday Morning - 4:31
6 - Hella Good - 4:02
7 - New - 4:24
8 - Underneath It All - 5:02
9 - Excuse Me Mr. - 3:04
10 - Running - 4:00
11 - Spiderwebs - 4:27
12 - Simple Kind of Life - 4:15
13 - Don't Speak - 4:22
14 - Ex-Girlfriend - 3:31
15 - Trapped in a Box - 3:23
16 - Girls Get the Bass in the Back (Hey Baby remix) - 6:15
17 - Underneath It All (acoustic live) - 3:47

The Singles 1992–2003 is a greatest hits album by American rock band No Doubt, released on November 25, 2003 by Interscope Records. It features thirteen of the band's singles from their later three studio albums — Tragic Kingdom, Return of Saturn, and Rock Steady — and the single "Trapped in a Box" from their debut album, No Doubt. The album also included a cover of Talk Talk's song "It's My Life", which was the only new song on the album and which was released as a single. It was released alongside the DVD Rock Steady Live, a video of a concert as part of the band's Rock Steady tour in 2002, and the box set Boom Box, which contained The Singles 1992–2003, Everything in Time, The Videos 1992–2003, and Live in the Tragic Kingdom.
No Doubt went into hiatus in April 2003 after the release of four singles from their fifth studio album, Rock Steady, allowing the four members to spend time with loved ones. This also allowed their lead singer, Gwen Stefani, to work on her solo music side project, under which she has released two albums, Love. Angel. Music. Baby. in November 2004 and The Sweet Escape in December 2006. The band regrouped in September 2003 to record the lead single for the album, "It's My Life", with producer Nellee Hooper. Additionally, in May 2010, the band regrouped again to start work on their latest record.
The album sold moderately well, being certified double platinum in the United States and Canada, and platinum in Australia. It received mostly positive reviews from music critics, who praised the variety of music genres on the album. The album was re-released on November 2, 2010 under the title Icon, featuring a brand-new artwork.
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Apr 7, 2018
Been listening to this constantly whilst out running or on the exercise bike.

Brilliant collection of songs.

Not sure if Just A Girl is supposed to be an "angry" song but that is my go-to angry tune haha
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