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Apr 7, 2018
I love this. All the networks should employ factcheckers for all statements coming from this administration.
Excellent idea, not that I think it will make any difference.
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Apr 18, 2018
Trump "explains" climate change issues

"One of the problems that a lot of people like myself, we have very high levels of intelligence, but we’re not necessarily such believers. You look at our air and our water and it’s right now at a record clean. But when you look at China and you look at parts of Asia and when you look at South America, and when you look at many other places in this world, including Russia, including – just many other places - the air is incredibly dirty. And when you’re talking about an atmosphere, oceans are very small. And it blows over and it sails over. I mean, we take thousands of tons of garbage off our beaches all the time that comes over from Asia. It just flows right down the Pacific, it flows, and we say where does this come from. And it takes many people to start off with."

Utter gibberish :LOL::rolleyes:
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Apr 16, 2018
Utter gibberish :LOL::rolleyes:
What he's saying, and what i suspect that his supporters will hear... is that its everyone's fault but theirs, they PAY to clean away from their beaches the mess from the rest of the world. they're PAYING to take away the worlds junk, and they're NOT PAYING anything more until the rest of the world starts to PAY...

Totally bullshit really.
Sad Professor
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Sad Professor

May 2, 2018
Flynn gives "substantial cooperation" to prosecutors. Mueller recommends no jail time. A Redditor gives a full breakdown of his activities.

April 2014 — Flynn is fired as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency ("abusive with staff, didn't listen, worked against policy, bad management, etc." per Colin Powell).

Oct. 2014 — Flynn founds Flynn Intel Group. In a letter from the DIA, Flynn is warned that he is prohibited from receiving "consulting fees, gifts, travel expenses, honoraria, or salary ... from a foreign government unless congressional consent is first obtained".

Summer 2015 — Flynn is paid by ACU Strategic Partners to travel to the Middle East to promote a trillion-dollar Saudi-financed U.S.–Russian business to develop nuclear power capabilities in the Arab world. Flynn does not disclose this trip when applying for his security clearance renewal in Jan. 2016

Late Summer 2015 — Flynn begins advising the Trump campaign.

Aug. 2015 — Flynn receives a 13 200 EUR speaking fee from Volga-Dnepr Airlines, a Russian airfreight company that the U.N. had suspended from its list of approved vendors after a corruption scandal involving an indicted Russian U.N. official.

Oct. 2015 — Flynn receives a 13 200 EUR speaking fee from a subsidiary Kaspersky Lab. Ruslan Stoyanov, head of Kaspersky's computer incidents investigation unit is arrested in Russia, for treason, in December 2016.

Flynn travels to Saudi Arabia to again promote the Saudi/Russian nuclear project. He fails to disclose the nature of the travel and reports a fictional hotel name as his residence during the trip.

Dec. 2 — Flynn and his son meet with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak at his Washington, D.C. residence. In a subsequent email to the Russian embassy, Flynn’s son described the meeting as “very productive”. The meeting came to light publicly only in April 2018.

Dec. 10 — Seated directly at Vladimir Putin's right hand, Flynn appears in Moscow at a gala hosted by Kremlin-controlled propaganda outlet Russia Today (RT). RT pays Flynn 39 600 EUR for his participation and provides airfare, accommodations and other expenses for Flynn and his son.

U.S. intelligence notices an uptick in communication between Flynn and Kislyak shortly after.

Feb. 2016 — Flynn increases his role with the Trump campaign and is later vetted as a possible VP pick.

Feb. 11 — While applying for renewal of his security clearance, Flynn tells Pentagon investigators that he had received no income from foreign companies and had only “insubstantial contact” with foreign nationals.

May 2016 — Flynn joins the advisory board of OSY Technologies, part of the NSO Group, a secretive cyberweapons dealer founded by former Israeli intelligence officials. NSO's spyware is subsequently found to have been used to attack and surveil prominent journalists and human rights activists.

July 18 — Flynn leads crowds at the Republican National Convention in chants of "Lock her up!", saying "if I did a tenth of what she did, I would be in jail today!".

Aug. 9 — Flynn signs a contract with Inovo, a firm owned by Ekim Alptekin, a close ally and appointee of Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Flynn is assigned to run an influence campaign to discredit Fethullah Gulen, a Turkish cleric who lives in Pennsylvania and was blamed by Erdogan for a failed coup.

Summer 2016 — Flynn Intel begins work on a pro-Turkey documentary, hiring professionals to shoot it, misleading them about the intentions of the project and working to conceal its role in producing the film.

Aug. 17 — Flynn begins attending classified intelligence briefings with candidate Trump.

Sept. 3 — Flynn and associates begin reaching out to Russian hackers in an attempt to obtain Clinton's personal e-mails and transmit them to Flynn through an intermediary.

Sept. 19 — Flynn meets with Turkey's ministers of foreign affairs and energy, Erdogan's son-in-law, and other officials at an undisclosed New York hotel, in a meeting arranged by Alptekin. Among other topics, Flynn discusses a plan for "a covert step in the dead of night to whisk [Gulen] away" without going through the legal extradition process.

Sept. 20 — Flynn, his son and business partners meet with Dana Rohrabacher, a U.S. congressman best known as a staunch advocate of pro-Russia policies.

Nov. 8 — Election day. Flynn publishes a lengthy op-ed entitled "Our ally Turkey is in crisis and needs our support". He states that "we need to see the world from Turkey’s perspective" and brands Gulen as "a radical Islamist". Flynn does not disclose to the publisher that he was being paid by Alptekin.

Nov. 10 — Obama, in a face-to-face conversation with Trump, warns against hiring Flynn to be part of Trump's national security team.

Nov. 11 — Media reports expose Flynn's contract with Alptekin to lobby on behalf of Turkey.

Nov. 14 — Flynn receives the final installment of 466 400 EUR from Alptekin.

Nov. 18 — Flynn accepts Trump's offer of the position of National Security Advisor. Pence receives a letter from Rep. Cummings notifying him of Flynn's work on behalf of Turkey.

Nov. 30 — The Justice Department notifies Flynn that it is scrutinizing his work lobbying on behalf of the Turkish government.

Nov./Dec. 2016 — Flynn meets with Austrian far-right leader Heinz-Christian Strache at Trump Tower. Strache announces weeks later that his party has signed a cooperation agreement with Vladimir Putin's ruling party.

Dec. 1 — Flynn meets with Russian ambassador Kislyak and Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner at Trump Tower. The men discuss the possibility of setting up a secret and secure communications channel between Trump’s transition team and the Kremlin, using Russian diplomatic facilities to shield their discussions from monitoring.

Mid-Dec. — Flynn meets with the Turkish government to discuss an offer to pay him and his son as much as 13 EUR million to kidnap Gulen and deliver him to a Turkish prison island.

Dec. 22 — Flynn secretly asks Kislyak for Russia's help to delay or defeat a pending UN Security Council resolution.

Dec. 29 — Flynn secretly discusses relief from U.S. sanctions with Kislyak on the same day the Obama administration announces its response to Russian interference in the campaign.

Jan. 4 — Flynn tells Trump’s transition team that he is under federal investigation for secretly working as a paid lobbyist for Turkey during the campaign.

Jan. 6 (approx.) — The FBI begins investigating Flynn's late December phone conversations with Kislyak.

Jan. 12 — Conforming to the wishes of Turkey, Flynn instructs the Obama administration to hold off on a military operation to retake the Islamic State’s de facto capital of Raqqa with Syrian Kurdish forces.

Jan. 18 — Flynn attends a “working breakfast” with the Foreign Minister of Turkey and others, including Devin Nunes, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

Jan. 20 — Trump is inaugurated. Flynn becomes National Security Advisor.

Eleven minutes into the Trump presidency, Flynn texts ACU managing partner Alex Copson that the Russian nuclear plan is "good to go" and "to put things in place". Copson tells associates that Flynn would ensure that sanctions against Russia are "ripped up" and that "this is going to make a lot of very wealthy people".

Jan. 22 — The WSJ reports that Flynn is under investigation by U.S. counterintelligence agents regarding his communications with Russian officials.

Jan. 24 — The FBI interviews Flynn regarding his Russian contacts.

Jan. 26 — Acting Attorney General Sally Yates informs the White House that Flynn misled the FBI in his interview, that the DOJ knew that Flynn’s public accounts were untrue, and expressed concerns that he was vulnerable to blackmail by Russian intelligence.

Jan. 30 — Trump fires Yates.

Feb. 13 — Flynn is forced out of his role as NSA after The Washington Post reports on Yates's warning to the Trump White House.

Feb. 14 — In a private conversation with FBI director Comey, Trump asks Comey to end any investigation into Flynn, stating “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go. He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go.”

March 7 — Flynn files paperwork acknowledging that he worked as a foreign agent representing the interests of the Turkish government.

March 22 — Trump asks Director of National Intelligence Coats to intervene with Comey to get the FBI to back off its focus on Flynn.

March 30 — Flynn tells the FBI and congressional officials that he is willing to be interviewed in exchange for immunity from prosecution, with his lawyer stating that “General Flynn has a story to tell, and he very much wants to tell it, should the circumstances permit”.

April 25 — Flynn tells associates, “I just got a message from the president to stay strong”.

April/May — Federal prosecutors issue grand jury subpoenas to Flynn associates seeking “records, research, contracts, bank records, communications” relating to Flynn and Alptekin.

May 9 — Trump fires Comey.

May 22 — A House committee reveals that Flynn lied to Pentagon investigators about the source of money he received from RT when applying for security clearance in 2016.

Flynn announces that he will not cooperate with a subpoena requiring him to hand over documents related to his dealings with Russians.

June 2 — Special Counsel Mueller assumes control of a grand jury investigation into Flynn.

August — Flynn files paperwork disclosing payments from SCL Group, a Virginia-based company related to Cambridge Analytica.

Dec. 1 — Flynn pleads guilty to willfully and knowingly lying to the FBI about his December 2016 conversations with Kislyak.

Dec. 4, 2018 — Mueller cites Flynn's "substantial" assistance with several criminal investigations when he recommends a sentence includes little to no jail time.
Here is Lindsey Graham's response after being briefed by the CIA on Khashoggi

Not a good 24 hours for Trump. Expect some Twitter rants today!!
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Apr 13, 2018
Flynn gives "substantial cooperation" to prosecutors. Mueller recommends no jail time. A Redditor gives a full breakdown of his activities.
When you see Flynn getting a pass from Mueller for what he had done in exchange for cooperation, one must assume he has put some very senior people in the spotlight.
Major Tom
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Major Tom

Apr 1, 2018
When you see Flynn getting a pass from Mueller for what he had done in exchange for cooperation, one must assume he has put some very senior people in the spotlight.
I agree, but I'd also point out that Flynn was only indicted on one count of making false statements which aren't the most serious crime in all the various indictments. To get zero jail time though, he must have given them something very juicy.

Could also be a carrot in light of Trump's suggestions he may offer pardons. Cooperate with me and I'll ask for no jail time, or risk sticking with the administration who may or may not get you out of the crap you'll find yourself in.

Just seen some footage from George HW Bush's funeral. El Trumpo looked bored and uncomfortable....he has such a strange unnatural sitting posture.
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Apr 3, 2018

The apparent leader of the free world, ladies and gentlemen. An utter muppet
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Apr 29, 2018
The apparent leader of the free world, ladies and gentlemen. An utter muppet
Rex Tillerson came out criticising Trump today. That was Trump replying the only way he knows how.

NY prosecutors seeking substantial sentence (approx. 4 years) for Cohen for tax and campaign finance violations. Should be noted that's NY prosecutors, not Mueller's team. Mueller not seeking any further sentences for things arising from the special counsel investigation due to his cooperation. Mueller has said that basically, Cohen handed them the President and others in the campaign.

After this news Trump tweeted again

I don't think he realises he's "Individual-1" named in documents released today.

His Twitter rants have been exceptional today, beyond anything we've seen for some time.
Franco Pinion
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Franco Pinion

Apr 16, 2018
This is where I will never understand his “base” and those who back him up

I could never envisage, either of the Bushes, Reagan or any other republican president behaving in the manner of Trump

It’s staggering they still lap up his constant stream of proven lies

Said it before but I’m convinced if Trump took out a gun and mowed down the Fake News reporters, his base would brand it Fake News and whoop and a holler at the Donald’s bravery

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