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  • Major Tom
    Major Tom replied to the thread World on Fire.
    I really enjoyed the first episode not the normal cliche story and it looked fantastic as well
  • Major Tom
    Major Tom reacted to Gemma's post in the thread World on Fire with Like Like.
    Has anyone been watching this? The scale of the show is pretty impressive, the fall of Warsaw was very well done. Some plots are better...
  • Major Tom
    Major Tom replied to the thread Xbox LIVE Deals.
    Here are this week’s games and add-on deals on the Xbox Games Store. Discounts are valid now through 21 October 2019. Xbox One Deals...
  • Geezer
    Geezer replied to the thread NFL 2019 General Discussion Thread.
    Disgraceful performance from the officials hand the Packers a win 23-22 over Detroit. The NFL should be known as flagball. A cod of a game
  • Geezer
    Geezer replied to the thread Dublin Murders.
    I really enjoyed it, spent a lot of time doing the "what do we know him/her from" thing though! You should see him dressed as a smurf...
  • Geezer
    Geezer reacted to David76's post in the thread Game Listing No Man's Sky with Like Like.
    I kept going and only thing I noticed was some significant quality of life improvements.
  • Major Tom
    Major Tom replied to the thread Dublin Murders.
    Good start. Really enjoyed that!
  • Boozy
    Boozy replied to the thread What Games Are You Currently Playing?.
    Playing Hellblade Senua, very creepy
  • Boozy
    Boozy replied to the thread Batwoman.
    That reveal should have been a midseason cliffhanger not the end of the first episode
  • Boozy
    Boozy replied to the thread Dublin Murders.
    Seeing Lord Varys (Conleth Hill) with hair and a tie and swearing is surreal.
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Robert De Niro (1 Viewer)

  • Created By Thread starter Franco Pinion
  • ( Start date , 3 Replies)

Franco Pinion

Franco Pinion

Staff member
A once great actor and something of a hero of mine seems to be desperate to erase any credibility he once had.

I could put up with the camp sailor thing, the embarrassing Fockers thing, the cringe-worthy grandad thing, even Warburtons bread (you would have thought someone would have told him how to pronounce it though).

But the last straw, dressed up like a twat flogging KIA cars. How much money do you need before you die?

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Staff member
Meet the Fockers was funny I thought and it was good to see a serious actor ham it up a little but I agree, tv ads at say £50,000 to £100,000 a pop suggests he is on his arse a bit possibly and a bit desperate.

Surely that can't be the case and he is just being a greedy focker?
Major Tom

Major Tom

Staff member Staff member Staff member Staff member
Maybe he's just taking the piss out of himself, for a laugh and old times. Surely he's not dropped his standards for real.


Staff member Staff member
Old famous bloke trying to make a few quid from adverts. I think you'll find this happens all the time. He'll be gutted some geezers on Forum Banter don't like it.

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