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Franco Pinion

Franco Pinion

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A once great actor and something of a hero of mine seems to be desperate to erase any credibility he once had.

I could put up with the camp sailor thing, the embarrassing Fockers thing, the cringe-worthy grandad thing, even Warburtons bread (you would have thought someone would have told him how to pronounce it though).

But the last straw, dressed up like a twat flogging KIA cars. How much money do you need before you die?

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Meet the Fockers was funny I thought and it was good to see a serious actor ham it up a little but I agree, tv ads at say £50,000 to £100,000 a pop suggests he is on his arse a bit possibly and a bit desperate.

Surely that can't be the case and he is just being a greedy focker?
Major Tom

Major Tom

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Maybe he's just taking the piss out of himself, for a laugh and old times. Surely he's not dropped his standards for real.


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Old famous bloke trying to make a few quid from adverts. I think you'll find this happens all the time. He'll be gutted some geezers on Forum Banter don't like it.

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