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Essentially these games are all about freedom of the player and the ultimate answer to that feeling of "but wouldn't it be cool if we could also do this..." that we felt playing the games of the yesteryear when games were constrained by the limits of hardware at the time.

The freedom to explore, to do missions when you want and often how you preferred to approach them is what makes these games so appealing. At the very least, that's what makes open world so appealing to me.

I think that some developers are losing sight of that though. There are two main examples I can think of - Fallout 4 and Far Cry 5.

In Fallout 4 I was "plagued" by the Minutemen missions. All I wanted to do was explore but every few minutes the game would force a time-sensitive quest into my log to go save a settlement under attack. It grew so irritating that I even heard of PC mods being made to switch off all Minutemen quests.

In Far Cry 5 you had the kidnap missions. Missions that, though short, you were forced into playing. You could be doing anything when suddenly your character would be taken and forced to play these boring, slow, annoying quests that were only there supposedly to give character development to the story's antagonists.

I had high hopes for both games but this tendency in open world games now to force quests onto the player is frustrating and ruins the experience for me.

Has anyone else encountered this?

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Has anyone else encountered this?
Yes! It's why I traded in Far Cry 5 after a few days.

On the flip side, you have games that are true to the open world formula. The Witcher 3, the recent God of War (to an extent), Skyrim, to name but a few.
Major Tom
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Major Tom

GTA is your game then.

Most people play it as just a sandbox and don't care about the story at all or sidequest. Just drive around or go and do what you want.

The most recent Zelda is one of the best examples of open world I've ever played.
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To be honest, definition of sandbox is very bent right now. Games like Fallout and Far Cry are not sandbox games at all, at least from old timer eyes like me. A lot of these games are not even technically open world as you are still stringed to do particular paths. Some games feel like linear games, just with levels glued together in to one map and you just have multiple entrance to a mission/quests.

Rust is a sandbox game. You do your own survival and you build up yourself. No quests, no goals, only the ones you set yourself.

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