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Title: Lost in Space

Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Action & Adventure

First aired: 2018-04-13

Creator: Matt Sazama, Burk Sharpless

Cast: Toby Stephens, Molly Parker, Ignacio Serricchio, Taylor Russell, Mina Sundwall, Max Jenkins, Parker Posey, Kiki Sukezane, Raza Jaffrey, Ajay Friese, Adam Greydon Reid, Sibongile Mlambo, Amelia Burstyn, Iain Belcher

Overview: After crash-landing on an alien planet, the Robinson family fights against all odds to survive and escape. But they're surrounded by hidden dangers.
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Apr 3, 2018
Watched 4 episodes so far with the kids - one episode a night with them. I'm enjoying it for what it is even if the pacing isn't greatest - it's a tad slow at times which would make it a tough one to binge watch I think. I'll definitely finish out the season and the kids are enjoying it.
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Apr 20, 2018
I finished it the other night. I watched over 2 days. By and large, I thought it was pretty good. Definitely too slow starting out. I think it’s a show that rewards a binge watch as the way the flashbacks were structured would have you confused on a weekly format.
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Apr 6, 2018
I have yet to finish watching but am losing interest. They are dragging out the plot and the mad doctor annoys the hell out of me. She is a bit OTT and, as a result, the story doesn't run as smoothly as it should and the characters are not convincing. Anyone else think it ridiculously glossy?
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Apr 13, 2018
Just the last episode to go, it’s enjoyable enough family viewing and the back story fill ins and twists add a bit of depth.

They need to write better characters though, it’s like they need to appeal to everyone so they end up being watered down. As for Dr Smith, I can’t see any plausible way of reeling her back in, she has crossed too many lines and has no skills to offer the group, she just drags the whole show down.

Obviously curious about the big picture, do they stay on the planet or do they find a new one, will the next series be planet based or ship based?
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