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Lopetegui Sacked As Spain Manager (1 Viewer)



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The Spanish Football Federation has just confirmed it has sacked Julen Lopetegui as manager, little more than 24 hours before the World Cup begins.

Spanish Football Federation (SFF) president Luis Rubiales is currently holding a news conference.

He explains that Julen Lopetegui has been sacked and that the SFF only knew he was joining Real Madrid after the World Cup, five minutes before it was announced he would join the Champions League winners.

"We have been forced to dispense with the national coach. We wish you the greatest of luck," said Rubiales.

"The negotiation has occurred without any information to the RFEF. Just five minutes before the press release. There's a way to act that needs to be fulfilled."

Absolutely astonishing.
Franco Pinion

Franco Pinion

Staff member
Reading between the lines, I'd say there was considerable disquiet amongst the players about Real's announcement and that's why he's gone. Saying he was sacked because he handled it the wrong way is about keeping the heat of the controversy away from the players.

Announcing they were taking the national team's manager two days before the World Cup is such a Real thing to do. I don't imagine any player would publicly air grievances as it'd make them the lightning rod for any trouble that followed, but I'd say plenty of them were plenty pissed off about it. It was seriously unprofessional of Lopetegui and despite what they might say in public, playing for the Real Madrid manager would create instability.


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What a story! One of the tournament favourites too. They have taken up the Dutch role of turmoil before a major tournament.

I'd say this could go one of two ways though. The squad split and capitulate resulting in failure at the World Cup or the likes of Spain are such a well drilled machine it's business as usual and they go about things as normal and storm through the tournament.

Either way it's a nice little sideline to keep an eye on.


Staff member
I think Real seriously dropped the ball here, had he stayed on as Spanish manager, I fancied Spain to win it.

Replacing Zidane with a man who won the World Cup would have seemed like the ultimate Galactico tactic, instead, they seemed to have divided a nation days before the World Cup.

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