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Lets Talk Salads (1 Viewer)



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Around this time every year (after coming back from holiday destinations) I always have my interest in salads rekindled.

It's when you get to the continent and see the locals having their small salads with their meals in place of spuds or chips that you tend to see over here, that you stop and wonder who's got it right.

I've started to bring salads to work now instead of eating out or bringing sandwiches etc, and tbh, it's a no brainer. Healthier, and much tastier.

Maybe in this thread people can share their salad tips, how they prepare them, what's in them, dressings etc.

No photos, but this is my method and what I normally use.

Gem lettuce, washed and leaves torn off.
Couple of scallions, washed and topped/tailed.
Radishes, washed and topped and tailed then finely sliced.
Tomatoes either cherry or plum doesn't really matter
Quarter of a cucumber, sliced.
Shall bunch of coriander to sprinkle over the top (optional)

So I finely chop the lettuce and set it aside on the board, then slice everything else up finely, mix it well with the lettuce and then go through it all again with your knife. Adding corriander at the end.

Dressing, juice of a lemon or lime, then the exact same amount of olive oil and salt and pepper, shake well to combine the oil/citrus, this will keep in the fridge for a week or so.

Sometimes I'll chop up a bit of meat I usually have leftover from the day's dinner, and maybe a boiled egg to go with it too. Mixing in a tin of drained tuna/salmon or other oily fish can be delicious too.

Salads will keep for a few days in the fridge so long as you don't dress it, so only apply the dressing when you're ready to eat otherwise it'll go soggy.


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I usually have the pea shoot salad or spinach/rocket/watercress bags of leaves from Aldi or M&S in the fridge. Lambs lettuce is another favourite.

Put leaves into a bowl, add cherry tomatoes and spring onions. Maybe crumble some feta or blue cheese. Toss with a little oil and white balsamic. Or alternatively shake honey, mustard, a little olive oil and lemon juice in a jam jar and dress the salad.

Grill meat - chicken, steak, prawns etc, slice and put on top of the dressed salad, then a scattering of flaked salt or rock salt. Tinned tuna is another quick fix.

Another salad favourite is to take a cucumber, slice off the skin, deseed and then chop up. Chop cherry tomatoes and mix with the cucumber, oil, white sweet vinegar, dried herbs, salt & pepper. Simple but delicious.

Or also take the peeled cucumber, smash lightly with the back of the knife, then dress with sesame oil, soy and garlic.
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I'll often add sliced apple, kidney beans, chickpeas, sweetcorn, almonds or cashews, pineapple chunks. I like slices of peppered salami too.
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