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Apr 20, 2018
Horror crash at Pocono Raceway at the weekend.

Wickens and Hunter-Ray collide on the corner, Wickens' car climbed up over Hunter-Ray's, went over the safer barrier and got disintegrated by the catch fence behind. Horrible to watch.
Major Tom
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Major Tom

Apr 1, 2018
The on-board from Hunter Ray showed Wickens car wiping out the camera above Hunter-Ray's head
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Apr 6, 2018
Jesus, that's terrible. In a way he's a lucky boy, though.

"The Canadian driver has broken both legs, right arm and has further injuries to his spine as well as bruising a lung


A joint statement from IndyCar and SPM read: "Schmidt Peterson Motorsports driver Robert Wickens is being treated for injuries to his lower extremities, right arm and spine following an incident in the ABC Supply 500 at Pocono Raceway. He also sustained a pulmonary contusion.

"He will undergo an MRI and probable surgery at Lehigh Valley Hospital - Cedar Crest. Further updates on his condition will be provided when available."
Franco Pinion
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Franco Pinion

Apr 16, 2018
Only thing everyone can hope for is that Wickens' multiple surgeries will be successful and that he can rehabilitate to full normal mobility again, wondering whether we'll see him back in an Indycar is a question that's very far down the line at this stage when the extent of his injuries to his spine are undetermined

Really rooting for him, very talented likeable driver who has been a great addition to Indycar this season
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Apr 7, 2018
The full extent of the injuries Robert Wickens suffered in his huge IndyCar accident at Pocono last month have been revealed following surgeries to his legs and hands this week.

Wickens was transferred from Lehigh Valley Hospital in Pennsylvania to the IU Health Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis last week, with a Schmidt Peterson Motorsports statement confirming the latest surgeries were "completed without complication".

The statement said: "Wickens is expected to be transferred to a rehabilitation centre in the coming days to begin the recovery process.

"The severity of the spinal cord injury he sustained in the incident remains indeterminate and under evaluation.

"Physicians stress it could take weeks or months for the full effects of the injury to be known."
The statement listed the following among the injuries suffered by Wickens: thoracic spinal facture, spinal cord injury, neck fracture, tibia and fibula fractures to both legs, fractures in both hands, fractured right forearm, fractured elbow, four fractured ribs and a pulmonary contusion."

The Wickens family has decided to release full details of the injuries to ensure the severity of his condition was accurately reported.

The statement said: "As unverified sources immediately following Robert's accident inaccurately and without permission portrayed his condition as less than severe, in an effort to remain transparent and open, we are providing a list of Robert's injuries to truly showcase the severity of what our son/brother/fiance/friend/team-mate has gone through and will be recovering from in the months to come.

"We want to thank everyone for the outpouring of love, prayers and positive energy that has been sent our way since Robert's accident.

"We are blown away by the strength of this IndyCar community and the support within it.

"While Robert's recovery and rehabilitation continue over the coming weeks and months, your loving messages will certainly be a source of encouragement for him."

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