Poll Important Issues In Your Country

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What are the two most important issues facing the country where you live?

  • Unemployment

  • Economic Situation

  • Rising Prices/Inflation

  • Crime

  • Health and Social Security

  • Immigration

  • Terrorism

  • Education

  • Taxation

  • Foreign Affairs/Defence

  • Government Debt

  • Housing

  • Over Governing

  • Illegal Immigration

  • Don't Know

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Major Tom
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Major Tom

What do you think are the two most important issues facing the country where you live at the moment?
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Immigration certainly isn't the same as illegal immigration....

You have (2) Government Debt, and no OVER governing....

I vote Illegal Immigration, Over Governing.
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In Scotland, the NHS and education system are a mess. If talking about the UK, I'd probably swap out education and replace it with crime - far too many people dying needlessly due to gun and knife related crime.
Sad Professor
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Sad Professor

The NHS is the single biggest issue facing the UK. I'm not sure what it is like over in Northern Ireland but it is broken in Scotland and probably broken beyond repair in England & Wales. It doesn't help to have someone like Jeremy Hunt in charge though!!!
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Hello there.

In Paraguay we have multiple issues, from education to illegal immigration. Here we have lots of Brazilian drug dealers called "Primer Comando de la Capital" formed in Brazilian Jails. They buy lands over here and mass produce a variety of drugs to sell to Europe and most of cocaine dealers also make their PC over here. No tax for Soy and that produces a massive deforestation and climate change.

In terms of Education our central university does not have a Seal of Quality so our schools don't meet the minimum requisites to obtain at least an average education.

I can continue on corruption and stuff but whatever... if we invest in education our problems will decrease little by little.
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I agree with the majority, the NHS is at crisis point.

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