Drama Homeland

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Title: Homeland

Genre: Drama

First aired: 2011-10-02

Creator: Howard Gordon, Alex Gansa, Gideon Raff

Cast: Mandy Patinkin, Claire Danes, Elizabeth Marvel, Maury Sterling, Linus Roache, Jake Weber, Morgan Spector

Overview: CIA officer Carrie Mathison is tops in her field despite being bipolar, which makes her volatile and unpredictable. With the help of her long-time mentor Saul Berenson, Carrie fearlessly risks everything, including her personal well-being and even sanity, at every turn.
Major Tom
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Major Tom

Apr 1, 2018
I'm enjoying this season more than the last few. It is worth checking out. I feel it's stronger.
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Apr 13, 2018
I really wish we could move beyond Carrie's bi-polar issues. I don't see what her condition brings to the character anymore, apart from making it seem ridiculous that anyone would continue to employ someone so unstable in such a sensitive position. Why couldn't they just quietly mention that her medication is working and let it go?

While I'm very much enjoying this season again, and the many parallels with real-life events, Carrie's personal issues are just annoying at this point.

Also, we get that she's a terrible mother. Didn't she seem to contemplate smothering Frannie at some point? Let her sister take the kid, and let's all move on!
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Apr 20, 2018
Claire Danes says "Homeland to end after season 8".

Star Claire Danes has confirmed the news in an interview with Howard Stern on his Sirius XM show. "Yeah, that’s it," she said when the host brought up the fact that the next season is rumoured to be the CIA drama's last.
In February, showrunner Alex Gansa told The Hollywood Reporter that season eight would likely be his last year. Though he's long hinted that season eight would be the end of Carrie Mathison's story, he noted he wasn't sure that'd be the case for the others on the show.

"It's definitely going to be my last year," said the executive producer and writer ahead of the seventh season debut. "I can't speak for Claire or Mandy, but it will be my final year and it will be designed to be the end of an eight-season story.
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Apr 13, 2018
Good ending episode. The tension was created very well in the culmination of the Russian episode.

Not a fan of the "six months later" stuff but I suppose I understand why they did it here.

What now for Carrie?
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