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Giffgaff Price Increases



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Upping their basic plan from £5 a month to £6 and their £7.50 plan to £8, while doubling the amount of minutes in these plans.
Hi everyone.

In July last year we made changes to our goodybags and in particular, some big improvements to the £5 and £7.50 goodybags, increasing the amount of data in the £5 goodybag five-fold from 100MB to 500MB, and doubling the data in the £7.50 goodybag from 1GB to 2GB.

These changes were very popular, and it’s really clear to us how much you liked them – more than we even anticipated. At the same time, the UK mobile market has become extremely competitive, so in order to make sure we can continue to be the strong business you want us to be, we need to make a few changes.

We had a look at how people used our goodybags. Members on the £5 and £7.50 goodybags aren’t big data users - on the whole, they care much more about minutes. Based on that, on 9 May 2019 we’ll be making the following changes:

£5 goodybag

Double minutes - from 150 to 300

Price move - from £5 to £6

£7.50 goodybag

Double minutes - from 250 to 500

Price move - from £7.50 to £8

We never like to raise our prices, so we’ve tried to make sure these goodybags are more valuable than before by doubling the minutes available - in short, it’s a little more money for a lot more talk time.

We also need to change the cost of mobile data when your allowance has run out from your goodybag to bring it in line with our normal PAYG rates. From 9 May 2019 this change will apply to every goodybag:

All goodybags

Price move - from 2p/MB to 5p/MB for mobile internet outside of your goodybag allowance

We’ll be contacting all affected members to let them know about the changes, a month before it happens.

As I mentioned above, the UK mobile market is more competitive than ever, and we also know that we’ll have to be competitive on more than just price. Part of being run by you means that we always want to hear your ideas for the next big thing for members, to make mobile far more than just a discussion on how many mins, texts & MB you get for your money.

So, I’d love to hear your ideas for giffgaff’s next big thing – that fits well with our ‘mutual giving’ ethos – and of course your thoughts about our planned changes too.
People are not happy!


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Most on those two goody bags won't get near the existing minutes, let alone the increased ones.

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