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Announcement Forum Banter Is Open (1 Viewer)

  • Created By Thread starter Major Tom
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Major Tom
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Major Tom

Today, 17:22
Apr 1, 2018
Forum Banter has risen out of the ashes of General Chatter and is now open to everyone.

Using a new version of the xenForo software means that a lot of features and functionality from the old forum is no longer useable (or in some cases required).

The site is still a work in progress, myself and Gemma are still running the place but at present Gemma's time online is limited due to other commitments.

Since it is still a work in progress some features may be replaced with alternative versions and through time some new features will be added.

All that is left to say is enjoy the new site and spread the word that we are back online!!!
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Today, 17:22
Apr 7, 2018

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