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We actually haven’t heard all that much regarding the next FIFA, we got the obligatory E3 trailer which showed off EA’s Champions League License acquisition but that’s about it.

Today though, we got several new trailers which give us our best look yet at the game and these new features that everyone has been talking about since the E3 hands on.

The three main advancements EA are pushing this year are Active touch, Dynamic tactics and Timed finishing with all three looking like they will really change the game.

Active touch regards higher levels of control when it comes to player dribbling and new animations to make dribbling, shooting and controlling the ball more fluid and easy.

Timed finishing is perhaps the most intriguing of the three as it adds a completely new mechanic to the game as players will need actually time shots in order to get the desired strike. A bar will appear above an in-game players head which indicates the timing, the marker within this bar will move towards the sweet spot and the shot will be affected by the position of the marker, it’s hard to explain so just check out the trailer below!

The last new trailer covers Dynamic tactics which completely transform the d-pad controls allowing players to map in depth play styles that can be switch between on the fly, this includes player roles, instructions, formations and more, check out the trailers below for a better look.

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Major Tom

EA has revealed the new content additions for FIFA 19 today during their E-World Cup livestream!

It started off with a look at the changes to Kick Off mode. These changes appear to be transforming this old-school mode into something fun and new with what is essentially custom game style settings allowing for the implementation of interesting rules and mechanics.

The game modes that we saw included Headers and Volleys, which is pretty self-explanatory, Survival, a mode where a player is sent off after scoring/conceding a goal and a few others. It sounds like they are trying to create a party mode! And the new additions for FUT 19.

After a further look at Dynamic tactics, there was a look at the big new mode which is replacing the Daily Knockout Tourney, Division Rivals. This new mode offers a new way to compete online with similarly skilled opponents for weekly rewards. It appears to be like a ranked ladder system which obviously offers higher rewards for the further you climb. You’ll be able to play games within this mode at any time, making it a hell of a lot more convenient than the Weekend League. It looks like a cross between standard divisions and Squad Battles. The reward system seems cool too, being able to pick which pack or coin reward you want, a nice change from EA.

Moving into the finer details, some of the new Icons which will be debuting within FUT 19 were shown. Starting with some teases on Twitter, Baggio, Cannavaro, Seedorf and Makelele were revealed and then during the stream there was a look at Gerrard, Lampard, Rivaldo, Cruyff, Eusebio and Raul.
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Major Tom

More information available today.....

The standard kick off mode in FIFA 19 is getting a number of big additions that’ll hopefully make things more interesting.

EA has revealed the upgraded kick off mode in FIFA 19. Alongside your typical, default match type, kick off mode this year will feature five new types you can choose from.

The first lets you create a UEFA Champions League match with any rules you like, offering the option to jump into the group stages or the final directly from the kick off menu. This option will use the same UEFA Champions League presentation available in tournament mode.

Then we have Best of Series, which makes it easy to set up a best of three or five series between two teams. Home & Away works exactly as you’d expect, allowing you to play one home and one away match. The score is aggregated to determine the winner, replaced by the team with the most away goals in case teams are tied. If teams are still tied, it’ll go into extra time with penalty shootouts.

Similar to the UEFA Champions League match type, the Cup Finals brings the same treatment to any of the real-life cup finals available in the game. From there you can jump right into the final of the FA Cup, Europa League etc.

The most interesting, however, is the House Rules match type. This actually encompasses a whole host of exciting and bizarre combinations. House Rules basically lets you play with one of many custom rules.

Survival Mode removes one random player from the scoring team every time it scores a goal. No Rules lets you turn off anything from offsides, to fouls and even the referee themselves.

In Long Range, goals scored from outside the box count as two, while goals scored from inside the box count as one. You’re also able to set custom win conditions in First To, and it can be anything from golden goal to first to three goals etc.

Finally, Headers & Volleys only counts goals scored through headers or volleys, though free kicks and penalties count in this mode as well. EA also revealed extensive stats tracking available in kick off matches, details of which you can find on the EA Sports blog.
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Alex Hunter is back for The Journey: Champions in FIFA 19, alongside playable character Danny Williams and Kim Hunter.

EA Sports has released a new trailer for FIFA 19 showing the third and final installment in The Journey.

Players will experience three distinct stories in the finale for The Journey. You can have a look at the new trailer for The Journey below.

317-90496e6976e6eefd7ecb7e2e64d422bc.jpg 318-bec72fec6d46acdafd0d2d4bcd10705b.jpg 319-bfe5adee8dcf32944c2e9a370bb24cca.jpg 320-880c38bae40f8f9d060774d1c76ea1e5.jpg
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Major Tom

In an interview between GameSpot and a FIFA producer and a later second correspondence between one of their writers and an EA representative, it was confirmed that most of the tuning in the respective modes was of the under the hood nature (e.g. aspects like gameplay, less new modes, functionalities, or features.)

The few tweaks to Career Mode mentioned by a PR person in their follow up include new cut-scenes (which weren't rumored to be in the beta), the integration of Ultimate difficult (previously only in FUT), and minor visual touches like your club badge dynamically updating in-game on your uniform after you win the Champions League. Social media speculation had previously mentioned changing league badges if you start a Career Mode from a lower league and win promotion. No changes to Pro Clubs were discussed between the publication and either EA party.

The Champions League visual package's inclusion is a welcome touch surely in Career Mode, but the lack of depth of new features will likely leave many hardcores wanting more. And Pro Clubs' continued lack of iteration continues to feel like a missed opportunity, particularly with the laundry list of wants from the community already out there.

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