General Dying Light - Prison Heist (New Game Mode)

Major Tom
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Major Tom

A new game mode is available for Dying Light.

Dying Light players can participate in a new game mode called Prison Heist.

It is set in a “never-before-seen location” of the game: Prison Island. Players will need to break through to the armory as fast as possible in solo or in co-op.

The faster the time, the better the rewards, according to Techland. The studio said the time-attack mode was “designed for seasons players,” so keep that in mind.

Alongside Prison Heist comes a new enemy called Sgt. Deathrow. The Demolisher mutation is running around Old Town, and because he’s rather formidable, killing him will provide a large amount of experience points.

The new mode and enemy are just two of the most recent free updates planned for Dying Light, and there are more to come.

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