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A week after the DLC was announced, we've now got a trailer go accompany it. The War Machine will be COD WW2’s second DLC pack when it launches next Tuesday and is set to include three MP maps, one new war experience which includes dog fighting for the first time and finally, a new Zombies map. The DLC was already looking great from the screenshots we saw but today we got a trailer which shows off every new map as well as a brief look at the awesome new aerial combat coming with Operation Husky.

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"Tensions escalate in DLC Pack 2 for Call of Duty®: WWII -- The War Machine. Join the Allies and stop the powerful Axis advance in three new Multiplayer maps that illustrate the might and global reach of the Nazi War Machine. Strike back and take part in the Allied invasion of Sicily in Operation Husky, the all new objective-based War Mode mission. Plus, experience the latest Nazi Zombies chapter: The Shadowed Throne."

It looks to be an awesome DLC and we will have coverage of all aspects when it launches next Tuesday, April 10th.

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Major Tom

Changes are coming to Divisions in Call of Duty: WW2.

Sledgehammer Games is revamping the Divisions system in Call of Duty: WW2, and the update is expected next week.

Starting next week, “sweeping changes” will be applied to Divisions and related core systems of Call of Duty: WW2. The goal is to offer a more customizable, balanced multiplayer experience for all player types.

One of the major changes will affect skills. Items such as the SMG suppressor, shotgun incendiary shells, rifle bayonet, and pistol tactical knife will become standard attachments to the loadout.

The sniper sharpshooter ability and the LMG bipod will both be available globally with any weapon of its type.

“Shipping these weapon class attachments out of Divisions provided us with the opportunity to amplify the playstyle focus of each Division with a fourth new ability,” said principal multiplayer designer Greg Reisdorf.

“It also allowed us to re-balance the lesser used Divisions armoured and expeditionary.”

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Farewell Primed, hello unlimited sprint

Basic training was also tweaked, especially Primed which the studio felt had become “a crutch.”

“Even after we nerfed Primed, the additional attachment it offered was far more enticing than the benefits of other basic trainings,” said Reisdorf.

To remedy the reliance on Primed, Sledgehammer got rid of it entirely. The extra attachment it offered will also be removed from all loadouts.

Sledgehammer found tactical equipment and launchers were used very little, it decided to remove Bang basic training. This resulted in a modification of Launch basic training. These changes allow players to equip both lethal and tactical equipment in loadouts, and launchers used as a secondary.

Another key change to Divisions in Call of Duty: WW2 involves movement. Out of the various sprint options tested during development, limited sprint was selected as it was a key aspect of traditional boots on the ground Call of Duty gameplay.

Because the restrictiveness of limited sprint doesn’t benefit gameplay, unlimited sprint will become available across all Divisions.
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Activision has announced the contents of United Front, the upcoming DLC for Call of Duty: WW2.

The third DLC Pack for Call of Duty: WW2 has been detailed a day after PlayStation trophies for the content popped up online.

Launching first on PlayStation on June 26, United Front includes three new Multiplayer maps: Market Garden, Monte Cassino, and Stalingrad.

It also features a new War Mode mission called Operation Supercharge, and the next chapter in the Nazi Zombies experience.

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Activision provided the following information on the PS Blog regarding the multiplayer maps:
  • Market Garden: Set against the backdrop of Operation Market Garden in the Netherlands, one of the largest airborne operations in the European Theatre. Here, players will fight off Axis advances while trying to maintain control of an Allied mansion base. The map is described as a tight-quarters combat area with “gunfights waiting around every corner.”
  • Monte Cassin: This map is located in a village below a mountaintop monastery in Italy. Expect plenty of verticalities, rooftop vantage points, and “sneaky flank paths along the cliffs.”
  • Stalingrad: Twp main bases are features on this map, with each located on opposite sides of the war-torn city. Snipers can use strategic perches to the map’s centre, while “run-and-gunners” can go through the underground sewers to flank behind enemy lines.
  • Operation Supercharge: “Named after the Second Battle of El Alamein, Field Marshal Montgomery and the Allied Forces pushed the Germans and Italians to retreat from their last significant defensive position in southern Tunisia,” reads the description. “In this all-new mission, the Allies airdrop into Tunisia and push into a Nazi-occupied village to capture key supplies, then cripple the enemy by detonating a key transport bridge. They then make the final knock-out blow by capturing entrenched Axis fortifications.
  • Nazi Zombies – The Tortured Path: In this chapter, General Rideau leads a small, unmarked caravan across 2,000 miles of infested land between Berlin and the port of Malaga. From there, the crew takes a dangerous voyage across icy southern waters and U-boat blockades.
Again, the United Front DLC pack launches first on June 26 for PlayStation 4. Once the month-long exclusivity period ends, PC and Xbox One users can get in on the fun.
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Major Tom

Days of Summer is the new Call of Duty: WW2 event that kicked off yesterday.

As it has been with earlier Call of Duty: WW2 events, this one changes up the look of the game and the HQ, and brings a host of new content and themed modes for all.

As you might have guessed from the name, Days of Summer has a beach/summertime theme. One of the event’s biggest additions, a new map called Sandbox, is exclusive to PS4 for 30 days. This 30 day period is crucial because that’s also the duration of the event.
Sandbox isn’t just another map Sony locked for 30 days, it’s the main point of the event. Sandbox transformers players into teams of little, plastic army men toys. It looks pretty neat, reminiscent of the toys of our childhood.

Sandbox also comes with a few unique mechanics, like an AI-controlled magnifying glass that focuses sunlight in the centre of the map, making it harder to fight in and adding to the chaos.
Prop Hunt mode is playable on Sandbox, alongside an assortment of other classics in a separate Sandbox playlist.

Unfortunately, PC, and Xbox One players won’t get to see any of this until the event is over on August 28, which is when Sony’s exclusivity period ends.

There’s one other thing big that will be available to all; a new dogfight mode inspired by the last section of Operation Husky in the game’s second DLC pack. All players will also have three new weapons and several pieces of gear to earn throughout the event, though luckily these aren’t exclusives.

Days of Summer is available until August 28.
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Major Tom

Shadow War hits PS4 next week, with three new multiplayer maps and a new War Mode mission.

Call of Duty: WW2’s fourth DLC pack, Shadow War, drops next week on August 28, and Activision has released a new trailer and a pack of screenshots to give players a peek as to what’s in store.

The DLC includes three multiplayer maps, Airship, Chancellery, and Excavation, as well as a new War Mode mission, and the final chapter in the Nazi Zombies saga.

Airship is set in a secret enemy base in the Alps with players battling for control of a zeppelin. Chancellery pits the two sides against one another in a French Chancellery, and Excavation will take players into an Algerian Mine.

“There is a hole in the middle of the [Excavation] map where you drop onto this pile of gold coins and valuable fine art,” says multiplayer development director, Adam Iscove. “There’s always somebody either coming or going that way, so it’s a fun place to drop in and surprise people, or crouch and wait for them to come down.”

Operation Arcane is the new War Mode mission that takes players into a secret research facility in Austrian mountains to steal classified secrets, schematics, and technology, in a hangar full of UFOs.

“Thematically for this pack, we wanted to push the fiction as far as we could, have a lot of fun with it, and give the player a sense of creativity as they play,” said lead multiplayer environment artist, Matt Abbott.

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