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There’s plenty in the pipeline for Battlefield 1 players into June.

DICE announced it is making more maps part of the Battlefield 1 DLC They Shall Not Pass available to all players.

Rupture is available from today, and more maps from They Shall Not Pass will be released in May.

In June, Shock Operations will be introduced to Battlefield 1. This new mode supports 40 players and sees attackers and defenders battling over sectors. Unlike Operations, the action will occur on a single map.

Shock Operations will be available on five maps: Giant’s Shadow, Lupkow Pass, Prise de Tahure, River Somme, and Zeebrugge. The maps will be accessible to those without the corresponding DLC or Premium Pass when playing Shock Operations.

Full access to these maps for modes other than Shock Operations will still require Battlefield 1 Premium Pass or the standalone expansion packs.

Monthly updates for Battlefield 1 will continue until June. Until that time, DICE will release “fresh content, and various tweaks and fixes.” Updates will cover matchmaking, weapon balancing, and more.

DICE promised in March it would continue to support Battlefield 1 for a bit longer; however, only a very small team will continue the support. The majority are working on this year’s Battlefield rumoured to be set during World War 2.
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Major Tom

Dataminers have discovered references to seven brand new weapons in Battlefield 1’s game files.

New weapons are likely to come to Battlefield 1 soon, according to some of the game filed being combed.

At this time it’s unknown when they will arrive, or if they will at all. That said, DICE has promised monthly updates for Battlefield 1 until June.

This includes fresh content, tweaks and fixes and more, so it’s quite likely players will see some new weapons added.

In the video below, you’ll find six of the weapons found by dataminers.

The seventh weapon, the BAR A2, is also mentioned in the files. Westie believes this could be pointing towards another variant of the weapon.

Battlefield 1 already has a BAR, the M1918 model, which was sent over with AEF troops in 1918 to Europe.
  • Fedorov Degtyarev prototype automatic rifle
  • Mosin Nagant M38 Carbine
  • Single Action Service Revolver
  • Thompson Annihilator prototype SMG
  • Thompson M1919 prototype SMG
  • Winchester Burton LMR (Light Machine Rifle)

If these do make it into the game, again, they will need to arrive before or in June as it’s the last monthly update for the game.

DICE recently made the map Rupture from the Battlefield 1 DLC They Shall Not Pass available to all players. It said more maps from the DLC will be released in May.
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Major Tom

DICE is still making changes to Battlefield 1, and one of the biggest to come will be for the Scout class.

An upcoming update to Battlefield 1 will change how the Scout class works.

According to Westie, the class has a “Sweet Spot” mechanic which makes it so a round fired will increase up to 100 damage, allowing a player to one-shot another in the upper torso.

DICE making sniping a bit more challenging in an attempt to remove a gameplay barrier for newer players. When a player activates the Sweet Spot mechanic during an active gunfight, the following will apply:
  • A new rainbow lens flare has been added to all rifle variants using Sniper, Marksman and Patrol scopes to communicate to the player being sniped at if they’re in the Sweet Spot range. This will allow them to adapt and change their next move, potentially not being hit and taken down in one hit.
  • A new Depth of Field effect has been added to all rifle variants using Sniper, Marksman and Patrol scopes that highlights the Sweet Spot range. Anything within the range will be in focus and anything outside the range will be blurred and out of focus.
  • A sniper can reduce this Depth of Field effect by holding their breath, and the blurring will lessen allowing them to see more of what is going on, but the idea is to encourage players to move into ranges where the sweet spot is active.
  • A new video option has been added to completely disable the Depth of Field effect if players wish not to have their view obstructed. This, according to DICE, is because the update is coming so late in the game’s life, they don’t want to force players to use a new system that is vastly different from the old.
  • All infantry and carbine rifle variants, those without high powered optics, remain unchanged.
Overall, these changes will make a bit more difficult for a sniper to be as effective.

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Major Tom

Battlefield 1 expansion They Shall Not Pass is free for the next two weeks on PC and Xbox One.

PC and Xbox One users can play They Shall Not Pass, the first Battlefield 1 expansion, for no charge.

Those who play on PC need only to log into their Origin account, add it to the cart, and it’s theirs to keep. It’s the same with Xbox One users: just log into the corresponding Xbox account, add it, and it’s tied to the account forever.

This is for all Battlefield 1 owners, not just EA Access and EA Origin members. As of press time, the offer doesn’t seem to be available for PS4 users just yet. We’ll keep checking for you.

They Shall Not Pass contains four maps, additional weapons, and the French Army, along with an additional game mode.

Rupture was made available free to all Battlefield 1 players two weeks ago, and DICE promised more maps from They Shall Not Pass would be released in May. Today is the first of May, so, grab the DLC while it’s free.
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Battlefield 1’s Summer Update has been released, bringing a couple of fan requested features and lots of fixes.

As DICE previously confirmed, one of the biggest additions in the Battlefield 1 Summer Update is Xbox One X support.

Battlefield 1 now takes advantage of Xbox One X hardware, delivering 4K resolutions and HDR colours. That’s about the biggest feature in this update, but it brings a couple of other changes for all players.

Shock Operations mode, the shorter and more packed version of Operations, has seen several balance tweaks on Lupkow Pass, Zeebrugge, and Prise de Tahure.

The Summer Update also improved loading times when loading into soldier customisation, and fixed a few issues around squad boosts, server queues, and joining servers with a pre-made squad.

See the full change log below, and be sure to pick up the Apocalypse DLC while it’s free.

Match experience
  • Improved loading times going into the soldier customization screen and reduced occurrence of disconnects when trying to join a server.
  • Fixed an issue with map vote results not being respected, if an RSP map rotation changed whilst in progress.
  • Fixed issue with squad boost sometimes counting down during pre-round phase.
  • Reinforced the result of the map vote when the game server is migrating to a different host due to maintenance.
  • Fixed an issue where players in a queue were blocked from joining a match, behind a player that was waiting for a space to open on a specific team (as a result of join on party or friend).
Maps and modes
  • Rebalanced Shock Operations on Lupkow Pass, Zeebrugge, and Prise de Tahure.
-Lupkow Pass
  • The goal is to make the first sector a little easier and to reduce the impact of the Behemoth.
  • The first sector boundary has been adjusted to:
  • Prevent Defenders from using the rocks on the edges of the boundary to snipe Attackers.
  • Prevent Defenders from using the slope at the edge of the boundary to harass Attackers.
  • Removed 1 Defender plane from Sectors 2 and 3 to prevent air superiority for Defenders during tough Attacker sectors.
  • Removed the single Defender cavalry unit from Sector 1 to prevent cavalry runs out of bounds to harass Attackers.
  • Removed the Airship L30 Behemoth from Sectors 2, 3 and 4. The Behemoth remains for the first sector, but between defender planes, AA guns, Burton LMRs and AA rocket guns, this Behemoth shouldn’t be so consistently dominant.
  • Elite kits have been offered as a comeback assist in Sectors 2, 3, and 4, repurposing some of the existing kits to be used as comeback kits for Attackers.
  • The goal here is to help the Attackers during the first sector as much as possible.
  • Sector 1 has had its bounds adjusted to prevent Defender access to the lighthouse; the Attacker HQ now includes the lighthouse and part of the mole.
  • The Attacker Elite Infiltrator kit has been moved into the lighthouse base. A Flame Trooper has been added there as well, to allow for Attackers to more aggressively push and hold flags in the first sector.
  • The A flag capture area has been slightly adjusted to make swimming captures a little more viable.
  • Defender planes now respawn a bit slower than the Attacker planes.
  • Defenders now only get their second plane when the Attackers reach sector 3, as opposed to sector 2.
  • Defenders can no longer use boats in Sector 4 to harass Attackers.
-Prise de Tahure
  • It was found that Attackers on the final sector could steal Defender kits and Defenders could steal Attacker “comeback” kits, so that has also been addressed.
Weapons, gadgets and vehicles
  • M1903 Experimental now has an alternative fire mode.
  • Fixed an issue where vehicle laid Anti-Tank Mines would have difficulty detecting vehicles.
  • Adjusted the reload time of the C96 pistol when loading single bullets to better match its animation.
  • Fixed instances where players could grief teammates using shell type weaponry such as mortars and AA guns.
  • Friendly flares will now display their spotting radius to teammates, allowing for better coordination between recon players.
  • Fixed issue where damage that resulted in score < 0.5 wasn’t messaged to players. Score < 0.5 from damage is now rounded up, granting at least 1 point of score.
  • Added gameplay options for adjusting color and visibility of the lens sight reticle.
  • Added gameplay options to show compass bearing numbers on the mini-map and the big map.
  • Added video options for adjusting the screen safe are width and height on PC (Xbox One and PlayStation 4 already have those).
  • Moved the objective world icon names from below the world icons to above those to reduce UI clutter and obstruction of the player view over soldiers near the objectives.
  • Added gameplay options for adjusting the visibility of the 3D objective and soldier names separate from the icons.
  • The world icon customization gameplay options now work in spectator mode too.
  • Added gameplay options for adjusting the crosshair size and the hit indicator size.
  • Added gameplay options for adjusting the visibility of the receiving damage HUD panel.
  • Added gameplay options for adjusting the size and visibility of some HUD elements: scoring messages, kill log messages, chat log, game mode info panel, squad list panel, vehicle seat layout, vehicle passenger list panel, player info panel, misc HUD elements
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Major Tom

See the full change log below, and be sure to pick up the Apocalypse DLC while it’s free.
More on the Apocalypse DLC and free Battlefield 4 DLC

DICE is handing out more, free Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4 content.

Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4 players can now claim more free content, courtesy of DICE.

Available for Origin PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Battlefield 1 players can now grab Apocalypse. Originally released in February, Apocalypse comes with the maps Somme, Caporetto, and Passchendaele. The expansion also includes the Air Assault mode.
Battlefield 4 players on the same platforms can download Naval Strike and China Rising.

China Rising contains the multiplayer maps Silk Road, Altai Range, Guilin Peaks, and Dragon Pass.
Hit the links below to claim them. The respective links are for the US stores, but clicking them should automatically take you to your regional store.
Earlier this month, EA and DICE handed players Battlefield 1: Turning Tides, Battlefield 4: Second Assault. Freebies will return in the future, but it’s always best to grab them as they come out.

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