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4 Day Working Week (1 Viewer)

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TUC claim advancements in robotics mean we can have an extra day off work. Sounds good to me.

A four-day working week will be possible this century if businesses are forced to share the benefits of new technology with their workforce.
That's the claim from the TUC, which is using its annual conference to call on the government to take action to help people work less but get paid the same.

Artificial intelligence, robotics and automation could provide a £200bn UK economic boost in the next decade.
At one Welsh firm staff already get a full salary for four days work.


Mark Hooper, founder of Cardiff-based IndyCube, said the transition to this new working arrangement over the last 18 months had not always been easy.

"We felt we had an opportunity to prove something, that you can be as productive in four days as five, and it has been worth it," he said.
Now the company is outputting more and expanding outside of Wales.

His colleague Russ Todd spreads his time out to help with school runs and family time.

"My father would work long hours. He was up before I was up and he was home after I went to bed," he said. "It is important to be there. It matters."

Employee Mari Dunning has used some of her extra time to get a collection of poetry published, amongst more menial tasks.
Or if you use the extra day to get the housework done, "you've then got your weekend wide open", she said.

"I don't see why four days is not doable for most people," she added.

But for most British workers the trend is going in the other direction.
Major Tom

Major Tom

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I already work a 4 day week (4 x 9 hr shifts)

The downside is having to work one Saturday a month (not overtime rate) but the day off through the week is class for me, gives my back a break midweek.
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I work Mon-Fri one week and Mon-Thurs the next because of flexi-time. It is great getting every second Friday off!


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We're trialing this in our office (which is usually open Monday - Friday during business hours) - moving from a standard 40 hour week to 32. (But paid the same)

It's pretty interesting to see the split now how people work the week:

- Under 30's are either taking Friday or Monday off completely (for obvious reasons!)

- Others are taking a day off mid-week (this is most common)

- People with dependents are working the full week, but coming in later or finishing early

- A few people still work the normal hours, even though it's not required.

Productivity has shot up (I don't know how long it would last if this was permanent though) and morale really improved. I like it, but I can see it all going out the window during busy periods / causing tension.

Our office was typically a bit of a doss on a Friday, whereas that's gone now and people really use the time to work as productive as possible.

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