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windows 10

  1. Jason

    How to Get Android Notifications on Your Windows PC

    Jumping back and forth between your phone and your PC can be annoying. Some messaging apps have web clients, so you don’t have to open your device to carry on a conversation. But there’s an easier way to reply to messages, check notifications, and open your Android device’s screen without having...
  2. D

    External Hard Drive Problem - PLLMVRHN-DECRYPT

    Anyone know how to fix this or has anyone come across this problem before? All my files on my external hard drive have PLLMVRHN-DECRYPT and I don't know how to fix it? I'm using Windows 10. I don't know what went wrong.
  3. Major Tom

    Microsoft Looking To Bring Native Xbox One Games To Windows 10

    Reports claim that Microsoft may be testing running Xbox One games on PC. It’s worth noting that Microsoft already offers plenty of games on both Xbox One and PC, but rather than create a PC port for an existing Xbox One game, Microsoft appears to be testing running the Xbox One version of the...
  4. Major Tom

    Rumour: Microsoft Working On 4K Camera For Xbox One and Windows 10

    Microsoft is rumoured to be jumping back into the webcam industry in 2019, with at least one of the products in development being a 4K webcam that will work with both Windows 10 PCs and the Xbox One. The 4K webcam will support Windows Hello, and will bring back a feature last seen in the...
  5. Bandit

    Microsoft Store Is Getting Wish Lists & Remote Installs

    The Microsoft Store on Windows 10 will soon get a host of new features. Three new features have been revealed for the Microsoft Store, according to a leak on the Italian store. The updated store includes a new navigation panel, a wish list feature, and the ability to install apps and games on...
  6. Major Tom

    How To Configure Firefox New Tab For Windows 10

    The Mozilla Firefox Quantum web browser offers a couple of options that lets users configure and customize the new tab, not just on a Windows 10 PC but also on older versions of Windows. In this post, you will be guided on how to configure the new tab preferences on your Mozilla Firefox browser...