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tv shows

  1. Jess

    Cancelled Shows

    The networks in the US have announced a raft of shows that won't be renewed. Do you continue to watch shows that you know won't be renewed? I've been watching the first season of The Crossing and I can't see the point of watching the rest of the season if they won't have the time to resolve...
  2. Gemma

    What TV Shows/Box Sets Are You Watching?

    Since we have a "What Movies Have You Watched Recently" thread we may as well have one for TV shows and box sets since there are loads out there and possibly loads that many of us haven't heard of but may fancy.
  3. Major Tom

    List of Cancelled, Renewed and Newly Announced TV Shows

    Find out if your favourite TV shows will be returning for another season or making their way to the TV show graveyard.