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playstation 4

  1. Major Tom

    F1 2019 (Codemasters)

    The first full in-game trailer for Codemasters’ F1 2019 has been released, showing off the game’s visual upgrades. “Every year we make great strides so the game is as authentic and immersive as possible and we have surpassed expectations with the quality of the visuals in F1 2019,” said Lee...
  2. Major Tom

    Playstation Plus price to increase in Europe and Asia

    Sony is raising the subscription price of PlayStation Plus in Asia and Europe starting August 1. According to various notices sent to subscribers by Sony, the price increase for PlayStation Plus will vary by sub choice and location. In France, Germany, and Norway only one month subscription...
  3. Gemma

    EA Access News and Discussions

    EA Access subscribers on Xbox One can now play The Sims 4. It was added to The Vault. Subscribers are also able to play upcoming releases first, such as Battlefield 5 on October 11, through the Play First Trial. Play First trials for August and September are: Madden NFL 19 – August 2 NBA Live...
  4. Major Tom

    Sony's new PlayStation Store refund policy allows for refunds within 14 days

    Sony’s been left behind when it comes to its refund policy for the PlayStation Store, but it has updated its terms and conditions today, making subtle improvements for consumers looking to be reimbursed for digital purchases. As per the new small print, you’ll be eligible for a refund on any...
  5. Major Tom

    Destiny 2 (Bungie)

    Since the release of Destiny 2's Forsaken DLC in September, Bungie has done a better job than in the past of addressing complaints about content droughts. The weekly reset has routinely brought new content over the past few months, and it appears that the start of the new season and launch of...
  6. Major Tom

    PS4 Users Warned To Set Messages To Private After Exploit Discovered

    PlayStation 4 users are being warned to set their messages to private due to an exploit making the rounds. PS4 users are warning others that a private message being sent contains characters, that when viewed, force players to factory reset their consoles in order to get it working again. And...
  7. Gemma

    PS4 Firmware 6.00 Update Out Now

    Sony pushed out PS4 firmware 6.00 today, but don’t expect new features to be included. Those firing up their PlayStation 4 today will notice a firmware update ready to be installed. PS4 firmware 6.00 is around 447.MB and doesn’t include any new features. Much like firmware 5.56, 6.00 only...
  8. Major Tom

    PlayStation 4 Nearing End of Life Cycle

    The PS4 is nearing the the end of its life cycle, according to PlayStation boss John Kodera. John Kodera, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, told investors at the company’s Investor Relations Day 2018, held in Tokyo, that this is the phase where PS4 console sales would take a hit. However...
  9. Dylan

    God of War

    Overview In 2005, God of War was one the coolest things I ever played. The PlayStation 2 action game was fast-paced, brutal, and edgy. But after several sequels and prequels, both its formula and attitude felt stale. I began rolling my eyes whenever Kratos yelled or ripped the head off some...
  10. Major Tom

    Playstation Plus/Store Deals

    Mad Max and Trackmania Turbo are the PlaystationPlus Games for April. As usual, there’ll be two additional titles apiece for both PS3 and PS Vita. If we do the sums, the final line-up works out like this: Mad Max (PS4) Trackmania Turbo (PS4) In Space We Brawl (PS3) Toy Home (PS3) 99 VIDAS (PS...