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  1. Franco Pinion

    Question Holidaying In Italy

    My wife and I are looking into going to Italy for our next summer holiday. Ideally it would be more of a villa somewhere as opposed to hotel in a city trip. My sister studied in Cinque Terre during uni and liked it very much. Other than that, I don't have any concrete ideas of where best to...
  2. Aimie

    Question Holiday Touring Around Europe

    A couple of us were talking about spending a couple of weeks touring various European cities later on this year or next. Has anyone done anything like that? Basically, fly to Amsterdam or wherever then head east/south? Will want to plan it to an extent but not everything set in stone so...
  3. Jess

    Question Makeup Foundation For Holiday?

    Any recommendations for makeup that won’t slide down my face in 5 minutes on a foreign holiday?