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donald trump

  1. Major Tom

    Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft respond to Trump tariff proposal

    Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft have issued a joint statement the 25% tariff proposed by the Trump administration against Chinese goods. In the joint statement made, the companies highlight the impact and undue economic harm the proposed tariffs on video game consoles “would have on the entire...
  2. Some Random Guy

    Travels In Trumpland With Ed Balls

    Very entertaining programme. Last week, Balls travelled around the Deep South seeing several groups of Trump supporters from Rednecks, Veterans and WWE wrestlers. His interviewing style was great. He just asked a question and got answers out of them. No interruptions or arguments and the...
  3. Major Tom

    Donald Trump - Your View?!

    Do you have a favourable or unfavourable view of Donald Trump?
  4. Major Tom

    The Donald Trump Thread

    This thread is for discussing Donald Trump's presidency in the US and any related matters.