american football

  1. SteveO

    Alliance of American Football 2019

    Might as well give this a watch, lots watch college and this will have a better standard of player overall. Quality seems decent IMO, relative to what I would have expected for a minor league type collection of teams. The way in which they have set this up - with a long lead time and focus on...
  2. Major Tom

    Pickem and Survivor 2018 - Standings

    Two sports running NFL and English Premier League. The NFL regular season has just finished, the results of the Pickem and Survivor leagues has now concluded. In Survivor, it came down to a battle in the final week between @Fraser and @SteveO who both had one strike remaining. Both predicted...
  3. Major Tom

    2018 NFL Predictions

    With the NFL season only a month away it's time to make some predictions of how we think the season will play out AFC North Winner: AFC South Winner: AFC East Winner: AFC West Winner: AFC Wildcards: NFC North Winner: NFC South Winner: NFC East Winner: NFC West Winner: NFC Wildcards: AFC...
  4. SteveO

    NFL Clubs To Be Fined If Players Kneel

    NFL clubs to be fined if players kneel The move is unconstitutional. If the right keep claiming that people should be able to offend as they please under the matra of "free speech" then equally, NFL players should be allowed to express their feelings in relation to the anthem. In every sense...
  5. SteveO

    NFL Draft 2018 (Fun Quiz)

    I thought we might have a bit of a game for a laugh. 15 questions below. 1. Which player will be selected #2 in the Draft? 2. How many QB's will be selected in the Top 10? 3. Which college will have the most players selected in the Rounds 1 & 2? 4. How many QB's will be selected by AFC East...
  6. Major Tom

    The NFL 2018 Thread

    Talk about your favourite NFL team and players. The Off-Season. Free Agency. The Draft. The regular season, post-season and Super Bowl LIII.