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NFL 2019 General Discussion Thread
All things American Football. From the off-season right the way through to Super Bowl 54.

The offseason is officially here. The Broncos and Ravens have a deal in place to send veteran quarterback Joe Flacco from Baltimore to Denver. The trade...
Formula 1 2019: Discussion Thread
The new Formula 1 season is just over a month away. The 70th Formula 1 World Championship, the 1000th grand prix. This is going to be a historical year.

Alliance of American Football 2019
Might as well give this a watch, lots watch college and this will have a better standard of player overall.

Quality seems decent IMO, relative to what I would have expected for a minor league type collection of teams. The way in which they have...
US Sports The NFL 2018 Thread
Talk about your favourite NFL team and players. The Off-Season. Free Agency. The Draft. The regular season, post-season and Super Bowl LIII.
Motorsport Formula 1 2018: Discussion Thread
Round 2 - Bahrain

Sebastian Vettel has claimed his second successive win at the start of 2018 after holding off Mercedes' Valtteri Bottas for victory in an epic Bahrain GP.

Vettel won after running an extended second stint on soft...
What Beer Are We Drinking This Week?
Basically, every week or 2 I try a new beer/ale that I never had before. Sometimes it's on draft from my local and sometimes it is a can or bottle bought from the supermarket but more often than not just a pint in a random pub.

Last night I...
Football The World Cup 2018 Thread

Not long now until the World Cup gets underway. Some interesting matches in the group stages. Group B has a few local derbies between Portugal, Spain and Morocco. To add more spice...
The Donald Trump Thread
This thread is for discussing Donald Trump's presidency in the US and any related matters.